Creating and Subscribing to an Event Node

An event node is a virtual address stored on a server, which can receive data from publishers and send received data to subscribers. Users are free to create and configure their own event nodes. Users can subscribe to event nodes according to their access model and publish data if they are authorized to do so. For more information about event nodes, please refer to XEP:0060: Publish-Subscribe

In the following example we will create an event node with an open access model, meaning that any user can subscribe to the node. We will then subscribe ourselves to the node and check if the subscription was successful.

Create a New Event Node

cd mio/tools/cmd-line/c/bin
./mio_node_create -event my_node_address -access open -u -p password

Request successful

Subscribe to the Node

./mio_subscribe -event my_node_address -u -p password

Request successful

Check if we Are Subscribed to the Node

The mio_subscriptions_query tool can list all nodes that a user is subscribed to, or all users subscribed to a particular node. We will have the tool list all of our subscriptions:

./mio_subscriptions_query -u -p password
MIO Subscriptions Packet:
    Subscription: my_node_address
        Sub ID: 58692D8FE607A

The node that we just created should show up in the list as a subscription. Alternately we can also query the subscriptions of the node we created:

./mio_subscriptions_query -event my_node_address -u -p password
MIO Subscriptions Packet:
        Sub ID: 58692D8FE607B

Our username should show up in the list as a subscription.