libMIO is an api for transactions over an xmpp server. This page covers the installation process for both the library and command line tools that can interact with the data structures stored in the XMPP server. For more information about the schema, visit MIO Schema.


Use git to make a copy of the libmio repo.

git clone


libMIO requires the following libraries:
OpenSSL (libssl)

The following command installs these requirements on systems that use Aptitude.

apt-get update
apt-get install libssl-dev libexpat1-dev autotools-dev automake autoconf uuid-dev  

Build and install

libMIO depends on libstrophe, a c library for xmpp interactions. More information about libstrophe can be found at

cd [mio root]/libs/libstrophe/
make && sudo make install

If there are issues with running the bootstrap script, install the autotools that are missing.

To build the libMIO library next run. This will buil libmio, command line tools, and move them to your system's include and bin directories, as
configured with autoconf.

cd [mio root]/
make && sudo make install 

Example utilities

This also installs command line utilities ot interact with your deployment. A quick sanity check that ensures you can authenticate follows.

./bin/mio_authenticate -u [username] 

When prompted enter your password. For a detailed list of commands visit

Check the ejabberd installation page for instructions on how to add a user to the ejabberd server.