Browsing Respawn Data

Using a web browser (Firefox recommended for Respawn), navigate to port 4720 on the machine running Respawn and click Go button. (For example: http://localhost:4720)

Querying Respawn Meta-Information

Distributed storage in Respawn makes full use of the flexibility offered by the XMPP event node model. Multiple Respawn daemons, running on one or more machines are managed through the storage items of event nodes. The storage items can be queried directly for the addresses of active Respawn instances.

cd ~/mio/tools/py-tools/
./ -j [USER]@[HOST] -p [PASSWORD] get fakenode storage
<item id="storage">
      <address link="http://localhost:4720"/>
      <address link=""/>

The addresses in the storage item can be used to retrieve datastore meta-information in each instance's info.json file.

curl http://localhost:4720/info.json

Querying Data

Using channel bounds as a guide, data can be retrieved from a channel by requesting data tiles. A tile is uniquely addressed by the tuple (level, offset). The two values can be calculated from a desired Unix timestamp and a desired down-sampling period (in seconds).

level = log2(period)
offset = timestamp / (512 * period)

The level and offset must be integers. To retrieve the tile starting at timestamp=1415823360 and down-sampling-period=16 seconds, for example, one must request the tile with level=4 and offset=172830. This request is shown below.

curl http://localhost:4720/tiles/1/fakenode.sine/4.172830.json