Virtual Machine

We have packaged a Virtual Machine with platform tools installed. It can be found at
A free VM reader can be found at

Run the file.

The default credentials for the VM, web portal and default admin user is:
Username: mortar
Password: mortar

  1. After logging in, you can view the web portal by running Chrome and going to localhost or double click on the desktop links.
  2. login with username mortar and password mortar
  3. Click on "Root", "Dummy Devices" and then "Dummy Node" to see an example device.
  4. Click on the "Time Series" take to see example data. Use the mouse to scroll up and down on the right scale or the bottom to zoom in and out.

An example virtual sensor is started on login running in screen. To see the process, run "screen -r" in a terminal.

Visit Getting Started for more information on how view the published sensor stream, view user subscriptions, and create new event nodes.

A Respawn datastore instance is started by default for the mortar user which can also be accessed through the web portal. View Respawn for more information about this and the "dummy node" device publisher.

Command Line Tools

The virtual machine is preloaded with the mio command line tools in the default path. Since the XMPP server is running on localhost you should enter JIDS as mortar@localhost.

For example:

mio_authenticate -u mortar@localhost -p mortar

Restarting Services

To restart the ejabberd server run the following. The server should run on bootup.

ejabberdctl restart

To restart the website run the following commands. The websit can be found at /usr/share/nginx/html/mortar-io/

sudo service nginx restart